The Shillington & Stondon Federation

Shillington Lower School

Stondon Lower School



Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Ms S Woodham 
Head of School: Mrs K Young (Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding/SENCo)

Business Manager: Mrs A Philllips


Pixie: Mrs G Minta

Rainbows: Mrs D Read / Mrs K Young
Unicorns: Year 1: Mrs Moore
Dragons: Year 2: Ms F Sharpe
Centaurs: Year 3: Mrs L Mossop / Mrs N Ross
Phoenix: Year 4: Ms Fletcher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Clarke

Ms V Cooper

Ms H Copeland

Mrs K Cross

Ms A Hare

Mrs A May

Mrs S Webster (HLTA)

Mrs S Young

Mrs J Woodward

Mrs H Gibson


Non-Teaching staff
Secretary: Ms S Howard
Midday Supervisors: Mrs J Clarke
                                  Ms H Copeland                             

                                  Mrs K Cross
                                  Mrs S Simkins

                                  Mrs J Woodward

              Ms C Meredith

                                  Mrs E Russell
Site Manager: Mr G Goodman
Cleaning Staff: Mrs J Clarke

                         Ms E Webster

                  Ms M Hayward