The Shillington & Stondon Federation

Shillington Lower School

Stondon Lower School

Parent Forum

We value parents' and carers' views and we hope that our Parent Forum will help us ensure regular, open communication and consultation.

Main Aims

The aims of the Parent Forum are to:

⦁ help the school find out what the parents and carers think about important issues
⦁ give parents and carers a voice and involve them actively in school decisions
⦁ help develop a partnership between parents/carers and school
⦁ make plans that support the ways the school wants to develop and improve outcomes for our children.

The Parent Forum is not in place to address specific concerns about an individual child or issues relating to individual members of staff. Parents who need to discuss these issues should approach their class teacher or Headteacher.


Membership is made up of any parent or carer of children attending Shillington Lower School, representatives from the Governing Body and PTFA, the Headteacher and members of staff as appropriate.


The intention is to meet two or three times a year, at school, with each meeting having a specific focus. A report on each meeting will be circulated to parents.


Minutes are taken. Click on the links below for the minutes of the Parent Forum.

March 2017 - Focus: School Uniform

June 2016 - Focus: Change of Age Range for Shillington Lower School - Minutes


We would welcome your views on topics for discussion, and times of the meetings, and anything else which may help improve the Parent Forum. Please send your comments via the School Office.