Sports Premium


The Government has awarded every primary school with funding to promote and improve Physical Education and sport. Funding should be used to:

1.Meet the physical activity needs of all children

2.Ensure that all activities are high quality

3.Ensure that this improvement can be sustained for the foreseeable future

Schools can choose how they use the funding to achieve this aim.


The funding for Shillington Lower is School is £16000.00 plus £10 per eligible pupil.


For 2018-19 this equates to £17190.00


We propose to use our funding for 2018-19 as follows:


Teaching and Learning:

Rugby, football, gymnastics, dance, cricket and swimming coaching 

Cyber Coach resource to support daily fitness sessions

PE apprentice to support PE lessons 1 x week

Additional sport clubs run by staff


Extra curricula:

Redbourne partnership

Sports clubs run by staff– equipment purchases

Football Coaching

Rugby Coaching

Dance Coaching

Gymnastics Coaching


Training opportunities:

PE conference

EVC training

First aid training





 Click here for our Action Plan and Impact 2018/19