The Shillington & Stondon Federation

Shillington Lower School

Stondon Lower School

School Day

Years 1, 2, 3, 4

8.45 am                                           The school gate is open and children go directly to class
8.55 am                                           Morning session begins
10.45 - 11 am                                  Morning break
12.00 - 1.00 pm / 12:15 - 1:15 pm   Lunchtime
1:00 / 1.15 pm                                 Afternoon session begins
2.15 - 2.30 pm                                 Afternoon break (Years 1 and 2)
3.30 pm                                           School day ends

All children should be in school by 8.55 am. We do like children to be on time - but it is better to come late than not at all.

Children will be dismissed at 3.30 pm. The children are released when a recognised adult is present on the playground. Children may only be released to a responsible adult over the age of 16 on our school contact/collection list.


8.55 am                Parents bring their children to the area outside Rainbows and accompany                                                                     them into school when the door is opened
11.45 - 1.00 pm    Lunch
3.20 pm                Parents collect their children from the classroom door

In Rainbow class morning and afternoon break times vary and children have access to the outside play area at most times of the day.

Please note: for all children, we understand that occasionally parents are unexpectedly delayed at the end of the school day. If you are delayed, please contact the school on 01462 711637 as soon as possible so a message can be given to your child’s teacher and inform us of alternative collection arrangements.

If you have made alternative arrangements for your child’s collection (for example, going home with another parent, going to a friend’s house etc.) the school must be informed via the home/school communication book, phone or letter on that day as to who will be responsible for their safe collection. In line with our safeguarding policy, we cannot release a child unless this permission has been given.

Pre-Sch Pixie Class            

9am – 3.15pm       Parents bring their children directly to Pixie class.  Parents use intercom by gate to gain access to                                Pixie class