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Stondon Lower School aims to equip children with essential skills for life, aided through our values education and focus on growth mindset. However, we believe that good quality arts and cultural provision also play an essential part in this as it enables development of the whole child, building confidence and creativity. These factors help to build a stimulating and supportive learning environment, challenging children whilst encouraging them to have a love of learning beyond their school day.

However, at Stondon Lower, we consider ourselves to be an outwards facing school and so are always looking for ways to improve our current art and cultural provision. Therefore, this year we have embarked on our Artsmark journey to reach silver which has been enjoyed by all and widened opportunities for children and staff. To engage pupils on our Artsmark journey, KS1 have completed the culture challenge and KS2 have completed Discover Arts Awards:

KS1 culture challenge:

KS2 National Discover Arts Award:

If you would like to see regular updates about our progress towards reaching the silver Artsmark, please refer to our fortnightly newsletter which throughout the year, will contain updates for our arts journey.

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